Privacy informations about AI Writer

This page is intended to provide information about how AI Writer manages personal data and why.

General information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

What data does AI Writer manage and why?

Basically, the management of Personal Data is only relevant for billing purposes. Therefore, when the plugin is installed, a customer entry is created in our database.

  • First name, last name (optional)
    For the simplified and personal address a user can deposit his name
  • Email address
    Will be used for communication and identification. The email address associated with the Google account is used.
  • Text segments sent to the AI
    In order to make suggestions, the text segments selected by the user are sent to our servers and forwarded to AI service providers.

Where is the data stored?

Basically, user data is stored on our web servers. Passwords are hashed accordingly and are not stored anywhere in plain text.

Server location:
ALL-INKL.COM – New Media Münnich
main street 68
D-02742 Friedersdorf

The individual text snippets will be forwarded to AI service providers, thereby all personal data of the user account will be removed. Only the text snippet is transmitted.

KI Service Provider:

San Francisco, California, USA
How can I request to see my data or have it deleted?
A privacy request or deletion of data can be requested through our contact channels.