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Work more effectively with Pomodoro

You know what that is? Your todo list is full of hundreds of topics and you stand there like paralyzed and don’t know where to start? The some or other important task is still not done? You feel unproductive and annoyed? The Pomodoro technique can help!

That is what this article is about. Five very simple steps that help you to tackle work consistently, keep track, avoid procrastination and feel productive.

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Gesund Leben

7 values of a healthy life

Everyday life is just rushing by. Dates, projects, friends and other topics keep us busy. So it is important not to fall by the wayside and to lead your way back to a healthy life. What does healthy actually mean?

Today’s article will focus on the values that lead us to a healthier life.

Have you discovered the Holy Grail yourself? Then maybe it is still worth reading the article and expanding on it through your own experiences.

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